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The hotel La Muralla offers visitors of its snack bar a permanent exposition about the work of the local artist Marisol Rodríguez Arcas. Cehegín rose marble is engraved and painted for the occasion.

With great pleasure we show visitors of our web site some photos about the mentioned artist work and a few allusive texts from the authoress.

Being creative is the divine attribute, distinguishing and distinctive of the human being opposite to the animal. The art is the reflex of the creative psychology of the individual who does paint, sculpt and construct it and of the individual who interprets it and of the group who assumes it as such.

For the achievement of this series of tribal scenes, like homage to the traces of the past, it have been born in mind:

  • A specific exterior reality. On one hand the environment, space and context of which it would be part in conjunction with the remote yesterday, the Almohad rampart as well as the present with future perspectives, make it to be a place of pleasant meeting for people who want to be over a little bit, stimulating the senses in an enclosed place of rest. However, on the other hand, it is a village that puts up established in stone, a marble one, that giving safety and life to Cehegín inhabitants, it is extracted from the bowels of the earth for then to be cut, polished, worn out and transformed in art.
  • The plastic arts. Modelled of this hard matter, resistant, beautiful, heavy, with lights and shades, majestic and brilliant, the Eastern rose marble, limestone worked, painted and represented transports us to the prehistory from the mental, emotional and technical present of the artist.
  • The interior world and the particular sensibility of the one who creates it, departing from something that already exists, the stone, that in the origins of the man was this one who painted it and created it with skill and simplicity as well as the historical environment and the remote past of the village has allowed her to go beyond herself and share with the human race the creative nature that differentiated her from the rest of beings who populated the earth.

*Photographs belonging to the permanent exhibition of the Wall Hotel. All rights reserved.

The Almohad rampart (XIIth Century)

The Moors settled down in this place in the IXth century, for lately to go spreading out towards the plain.

The Centuries later to the Reconquest tell us about an increase of the Cehegín town and the progressive insertion of the ramparts, which tightened to the village together with thirty two towers, ditch and a drawbridge.

In the exterior part we find the called Caravaca´s door of which still remains an arch and a first body of the ALHORI tower. All this set was part of the former Fortress.

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nombre de la pintora

Schematic figures Schematic figures from the South and Southeast of Spain.

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In the Wait
We were observing from the distance, with admiration and reverence, how the animals came to the grasslands areas, especially, in the periods in which there were shoots.

The Hunting for the Mammoth
The woolly mammoths needed large number of fibrous substances and hard grasslands and stems and reeds. As they were exposed to sink in the deep snow, they remained at the firm areas that spread close to the glaciers in spite of the fact that they were swept by the wind.
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Return to the Cavern While it was adding a few more woodchips to the fire to keep it lighted, it took out a few stones that it had caught in the valley.

As you can see, with them fire lights up quicker. Then it added another woodchip to the fire and observed how the sparks raised up towards the sky.

Gathering Plants and Seeds
The Shamud and the Witch must remedy to the illness and the wound, in knowing infusions and medicines extracted from the plants.

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Oneiric fantasy
Often, before a day of hunting, dreams was assaulting us with strange fantasies. They used to appeared scenes in which we were facing animals of rare aspect with horns.

Acroos the Mist
They were looking around trying to penetrate uselessly in the darkness that was spreading out beyond the camp.
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Organising the Hunting
The tree appeared before them after leaving a hook of the footpath behind so that they stood guard at the meeting place.

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