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Cehegín is in the northwest of the Region of Murcia. It is a mountainous area with a fine weather and fertile land thanks to an abundant rain regime. It covers 292,7 km2 and has a population of 16.000.

There are many examples of cave art and archaeological deposits distributed around this municipality. But what principally characterises Cehegín is its compact old town built on a mountain, what makes you remember it is a silence factory. Ancestral houses and humble medieval houses make up a big part of the town´s ancient architecture which we can enjoy while walking around the historical town.

For those who like scenery and nature this is also a perfect area: valleys, high mountains, countryside, reservoirs, orchards, dry lands, forests, flora and fauna are the things we can enjoy during our trip.

The establishment is placed in the centre of the old town surrounded by enormous historical, monumental, scenic and cultural interest with the added attraction that from there can enjoy the best views of the town.

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Cehegin street view

Hotel La Muralla • Plaza del Castillo, s/n · 30340 - Cehegín - Murcia (España)
Phone: +34 968 723 528/ Fax: +34 968 743 598