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The activities of free time and free time to do in Cehegín are multiple and for all the ages and tastes.

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Panoramic Cehegín

They are directly binded to the mountainous enclave and to the big wooded areas of the area; walking along the footpaths of small trip, realising excursions to the existing recreational areas, and covering the Green way that goes through the former railroad are the things visitors can enjoy doing during the stay.

It is also possible to know the history and the Cehegín cultural heritage through cave paintings, the Begastri city ruins, visits to the museums and churches, as well as through an urban route across the old town...

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And, off course, interesting cultural activities are programmed regularly in Cehegín: concerts, conferences, expositions, and a Craftmanship market are among these ones that celebrate every last Sunday of every month and every last Saturday night of every month from May to September...

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